• Bespoke print and advertising copy (leaflets, posters, radio campaigns)

  • Sales letter, newsletter and e-mail content

  • Brochure and pamphlet copy

  • Website content, including landing page and category descriptions

  • Rewriting, editing and proofreading copy

  • Professional press releases

  • Blog posts and articles

  • Social media content






What I offer


Your business is founded on honest hard work, so naturally you want to promote it to the best of your ability. If copywriting doesn't come easily to you, then I can help.


Having set up my own business from scratch, I understand how important the investment of time and effort is. No business owner, no matter how small, should be denied the chance to improve their custom. That's why I offer services to suit all budgets.


There are many advantages to using a freelance copywriter, as opposed to going through an agency. So, what are they?


  1. You will save money. By coming direct to me, you won't have to pay the hefty fees that content platforms charge as the middleman.
  2. I can tailor the service to your needs. Your business isn't just part of a mould, so by having a proper consultation we can determine the right services you require.
  3. You can contact me anytime. Instead of only connecting through a messaging service, which is often moderated by agencies, you will be able to contact me by a variety of means, whenever you need to.


Read on to see what else I can do for you...


Specialist Fields

I have written for every market, from high-end fashion retailers and dental practices to IT support and pest control services.


However, if you would like to consider me for longer content projects, my specialisms are listed below:

  • Lifestyle (fashion, beauty, travel, food and drink, the home)
  • Arts and Culture (books, theatre, arts & crafts)
  • Research-led (IT, health, history, news & features)


The Process

Geography is no barrier; I have written for clients all over the world. So, whether you are based in Birmingham or Brussels, we can discuss your ideas over e-mail or Skype at any time of the day or night.


After a free consultation, we will agree on what your particular content requirements are and I will provide you with a quotation. However, do be aware that quotes can change, depending on hours worked, research required and changes to the brief. I will always be 100% transparent about what you are being charged for.


What's more, each first amend is free of charge, with subsequent changes charged at a small fee. Depending on the project, a non-refundable 50% deposit will be payable within 7 days in advance, with the remaining balance paid within 14 days after completion/approval. Once a piece of work is signed off by you (approved) and full payment received, no refunds will be permitted.


Now that we've got the fundamentals out of the way, why not start improving your business immediately and contact me for a FREE consultation.


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