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I have worked with clients based all over the world to provide bespoke content that excites, informs, and, above all, drives more business. But, I know what you're thinking...


What makes me so special? 


For some people, writing comes easily. Thankfully, I am one of those. I have been writing compelling copy since I was a kid. Yes, you heard me!


When I was nine I first decided I was going to be a writer. I wrote everything from stories and poetry to a weekly magazine all about animal welfare. I couldn't get enough of the different ways that sentences and words could flow so easily together, and the same is still true today. Although, thankfully, I'm a little better now than I was as a nine-year-old!


But if that isn't enough proof for you, you might like to know the following reassuring facts...


5 Reasons to Trust Me With Your Content

  1. I am a qualified proofreader and copywriter
  2. I am educated to Masters level in English
  3. I have over three years' experience as a freelance copywriter for clients including eBay, Groupon, Zalando, Get Lenses and Venere
  4. I have one and a half years' of in-house experience at a nationally acclaimed theatre
  5. I have proofread and written for a range of publications over the past 10 years


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